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"Choosing Zen = Less Stress Later"

Unleash Your Creative Potential with the 10-in-1 USB-C Hub!


  • Elevate Your Visuals: Dual HDMI outputs for seamless multitasking and stunning 4K clarity. No hassle, just plug and play.


  • Work Smarter: Ideal for video editors, photographers, and programmers. Simplify your workspace with SST and MST modes.


  • Stay Connected: Seamlessly transfer data across 5 USB ports and power up your USB-C laptop with 100W output.


  • Game On: Gamers and creatives alike, it's compatible with Switch.


  • Universal docking station/hub.


Transform your workspace into a stress-free haven. Join our community of remote and hybrid workers discovering Zen in work.



10-in-1 USB-C Hub

$42.84 Regular Price
$29.99Sale Price
  • PLEASE NOTE: This item must be returned within fifteen (15) days of delivery, and it can be returned for any reason. 

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