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"Choosing Zen = Less Stress Later"

HarmonyKneel Chair: Ergonomic Excellence for a Balanced Posture


Elegant Color Choices: Select from a diverse palette to complement your workspace. The HarmonyKneel Chair is available in a variety of colors to suit your personal style.


Optimal Dimensions for Comfort: Measuring 710x420x500mm, this chair offers a perfect blend of space and support. Choose from two luxurious materials – cozy cloth flannel or premium leather – for a personalized touch to your seating experience.


Cushioned Support: The hip cushion is sized at 370x310mm (LxW), providing ample comfort, while the knee cushion, measuring 270mm in length, ensures ergonomic support for extended periods.


Durable Birch Wood Construction: Crafted from robust birch wood, the HarmonyKneel Chair is designed for longevity, offering both balance and sturdiness.


Posture Correction and Pain Relief: This innovative stool is engineered to promote correct posture, prevent kyphosis, and encourage a healthy body shape. It aligns your back, shoulders, and neck, reducing discomfort from prolonged sitting or desk work.


Heavy-Duty Load Capacity: With the ability to support up to 300lbs, the chair accommodates a wide range of users, thanks to its wider knee cushion.


Stable and Easy Installation: Enjoy a cozy seating experience with its thick foam padding. The chair's two crossbars and rocking function provide stability and durability. Installation is straightforward and quick with the provided screws and tools.


Versatile for Home and Office: The HarmonyKneel Chair is an excellent choice for various environments – from home offices to professional workspaces. Its versatility makes it suitable as a desk chair, meditation chair, or computer chair, catering to a range of needs and preferences.


Elevate your working and sitting experience with the HarmonyKneel Chair, where ergonomic design meets modern aesthetics for a healthier, more comfortable posture.

HarmonyKneel Chair

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